Man Driving Stolen Vehicle Arrested After Fatal Motorcycle Crash

A motorcyclist died in a remote area of Siskiyou County this week, but may have survived if there was a better cell phone signal, according to the CHP. On Wednesday at around Noon 47-year-old Ronald Kistle of Yreka was riding a Suzuki dirt bike uphill on a one-lane dirt Forest Service road about a half-mile from Humbug Creek Road. Meanwhile, 44-year-old Amber Roberts was driving downhill in a 1969 Dodge pickup that had been reported stolen out of Macdoel. The two met in a curve in the road and Kistle’s motorcycle ran head-on into the front of the pickup. He suffered a broken leg, but was wearing a full-face mask and was apparently responsive at the time. Cell Phone coverage is unavailable in that remote area, so Roberts left to get to a place to call for help. It was more than an hour later when a 9-1-1 call was received, but reception was bad and the dispatcher could only understand the location and that help was needed. A deputy started toward the area, and at 2:30PM Roberts found a place with a good signal and called 9-1-1 again, advising it was for a serious motorcycle crash. When the deputy eventually arrived hours after the crash, he found Kistle had succumbed to his injuries. Roberts was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.


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