Man Wanted Since February Arrested In Joint Operation

A man wanted in several high profile criminal cases has been captured in a joint operation by Redding Police and Shasta County’s Drug Task Force. On Wednesday a sweep was done targeting gang issues and AB109 compliance. Officials reported seizing Cocaine, over 3 Ounces of Heroin and $3400 in drug money. 5 arrests were made, including 51-year-old Daniel Kuykendall, who had 12 outstanding arrest warrants with total bail of more than 1.3 Million Dollars. He’s been on the run since February, and on Shasta County’s Most Wanted list since April. Kuykendall is accused of stealing some of the old dynamite from a Happy Valley home that was later blown up by the bomb squad. Some of the explosives were found off Lake Boulevard near Buckeye School in February. More blasting caps and other explosives were apparently buried near Kuykendall’s home on Honeycomb Drive. Kuykendall was accused of conspiring with others to sell weapons stolen from a Shasta County Sheriff’s Office storage container off Caterpillar Road. A report says that sale was to take place in Reno but things went wrong and the intended buyer shot and killed a man. Kuykendall was found Wednesday hiding behind a mirror in a travel trailer off Old Alturas Road. He’s been booked into Shasta County jail 42 times since 1992.


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