All Evacuations Lifted For Delta Fire As Crews Reach 76% Containment

The outlook on the Delta Fire has improved dramatically. The size has not changed since Friday at just over 60,000 acres and containment has reached 76% containment. 17 homes have been lost. Despite some winds picking up over the weekend, crews managed to hold the lines and continue aggressive suppression. Control lines are being reinforced on un-contained edges near Damnation Peak to the south and Chicken Hawk Hill to the north. The winds actually helped to clear the smoke away so aircraft could be used extensively. Some dozer lines are already being repaired to prevent future erosion when the rains come. There are no restrictions on Interstate Five, though some side roads remain closed. All mandatory evacuations have been lifted for residents of Shasta, Siskiyou and Trinity Counties, though some roads are open only to residents. The forest closure remains in effect for much of the area, though the Pacific Crest Trail is open, as well as all the campgrounds along Gilman Road and the McCloud Arm of the lake is open for boating. More than 2800 people are still working on the Delta and Hirz Fires, including 79 hand crews, 149 engine companies, 31 dozers and 15 helicopters.


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