Crews Contain 2 Fires Monday Afternoon

A fire broke out Monday night in the City of Shasta Lake. It was first reported at around 5:15PM between Cascade Boulevard and Interstate Five north of Pine Grove. The flames made a run to the north after jumping the freeway perimeter fence. With help from Redding Fire, Cal-Fire and other agencies, the blaze was stopped at around 7-to-8 acres just short of a neighborhood of 40-year-old wood-frame houses. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Anderson Firefighters made a quick stop on a vegetation fire that was threatening some homes. It broke out shortly before 4 O’clock Monday afternoon in a field off McMurry Drive behind the Rite Aid between Ganyon and Childress. It was threatening some houses but was apparently been contained at one to two acres. It may have started from some equipment working to clear weeds in the field. Assistance was called from Cal Fire and Redding Fire, but it turned out to be unnecessary.


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