Crews Expect To Contain Delta Fire By Weekend

Lines are completed most of the way around the Delta Fire, with overall containment now at 87%. The northern edge is now contained near the Highland Lakes area, the eastern edge is butted up to the Hirz Fire, with one short section to complete near Sims Flat and the western perimeter is sewn up. That leaves only the southern edge of the fire in the Damnation Pass area still to complete. Full containment is still predicted for this Saturday. The size remains at 60,277 acres. 17 homes have been lost. A fire weather watch is in effect through Thursday with 20 mile an hour north winds and lower humidity combined with higher temperatures. Suppression repair is underway, which includes filling in handline, rehabilitating dozer line and building water bars to direct rainflow and reduce erosion potential. Pockets of unburned vegetation continue to flare up inside the perimeter. There are no restrictions on Interstate Five. All mandatory evacuations have been lifted, though some roads are open only to residents. The forest closure remains in effect for much of the area, but the Pacific Crest Trail is open, as well as campgrounds along Gilman Road, and the McCloud Arm of Lake Shasta is reopened for boating. More than 200 people are still working on the Delta and Hirz Fires.


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