Man Arrested After Fighting With Deputy

A man who appeared to be in need of medical attention ended up needing it after fighting with a Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputy and his K9. The deputy was dispatched to Thomas Road just outside Anderson near the ACID Canal to check the condition of 51-year-old Carl Cotter, who was lying on the ground looking not altogether well and generally unresponsive. The deputy said he was mumbling and seemed disoriented, and he called for an ambulance. While waiting, Cotter appeared to pass out, so the deputy lightly rubbed Cotter’s sternum to keep him awake. Cotter suddenly slapped the deputy’s hand away and jumped to his feet, then allegedly started swinging his fists at the deputy’s face and head. The deputy ducked from the punches and told Cotter he was under arrest. Cotter then got in a fighting stance and began advancing as the deputy told him to stop. He didn’t listen so Thor the K9 was taken from the patrol car and sent after Cotter, who continued punching at the K9 and the deputy until backup arrived and got him into handcuffs. Cotter was taken to a hospital and then to jail.


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