Teen Arrested After Allegedly Attempting To Kill His Mother

A Redding teenager is accused of kidnapping, assaulting and trying to kill his mother. On Saturday Redding Police were called to Shasta Regional Medical Center after a woman who had been seriously assaulted came into the emergency room. The victim told officers that her son, 19-year-old Edward Ferrell, had dragged her into her house, locked the door, and assaulted her for several hours. She said he strangled her several times with both his hands and a cord, while saying he was going to kill her. He then allegedly forced her into an outbuilding and held her captive until she was able to escape. While the interview was underway, other officers were called across town to a disturbance where a man had entered a house uninvited and fled after being confronted. Officers found and detained the suspect, who turned out to be Edward Ferrell. He was booked into jail for attempted murder, kidnapping, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.


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