Man Holds Burglary Suspect At Gunpoint

A Tehama County man held a suspected burglar at gunpoint until deputies arrived on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening Rick Arrowsmith called deputies to his son’s home on McCoy Road road after seeing a pickup truck there that he didn’t recognize. He then approached the home and caught a man removing items. He had already loaded up two TVS worth $3000 and a safe. The man fled when Arrowsmith tried to stop him, crashing through a gate on his way out. Arrowsmith later identified the suspect from photos as 34-year-old Dale McManus. Several hours later a deputy spotted the pickup and chased it out Highway 36 west of Red Bluff until it became disabled and the driver fled on foot. The truck was apparently stolen. Wednesday morning Rick’s son, Wesley Arrowsmith, found McManus in a remote area near the crash and detained him until deputies got there.


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