Mexican National Faces 30 Years In Prison After Pot Bust

A 26-year-old Mexican citizen has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with two very large marijuana cultivation sites in Trinity County. The huge gardens were easily spotted from the air by a team of federal, state and trinity county law enforcement near Big French Creek Road in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. After pinpointing the location, they hiked into the area and watched for nearly an hour as Gilberto Garcia-Garcia and another man reportedly tended and harvested the plants. Both men fled when they saw the approaching officers and Garcia-Garcia was captured but the other man got away. A total of 11,223 plants were counted at the location. They were coated with a white powder believed to be Carbofuran, a highly toxic insecticide that’s deadly to both wildlife and humans. For cultivation and depredation of public lands, Garcia-Garcia could get as much as 30 years to life in federal prison.


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