Rain Helping Crews With Containment Of Delta Fire

Although full containment on the Delta Fire is expected this Friday, there’s still a lot of work to do. Some of the larger diameter trees will continue to smolder inside, and may still flare up after conditions dry out. More smoke will likely be seen from smoldering duff, logs and stump holes. The wet and muddy ground is making access more difficult, and the major chore now involves repairing damage done by dozers and other implements before major rains cause erosion and flooding problems. There are still 265 miles of suppression repair work to be completed along roads within the Delta and Hirz Fire areas. Overall containment of the delta fire remains at 97% with a total size of 63,293 acres. 20 structures have been destroyed. 943 firefighting personnel are still on scene. Effective Thursday fire restrictions on Forest Service lands will be lifted. However, the forest closure order will still be in effect.


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