Deputies Seek 2nd Burglary Suspect After He Jumps From Moving Vehicle

An ambitious burglary in Montgomery Creek was thwarted by the victims, leading to one arrest, but another man got away. Wednesday morning Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to Jackson Lane in Montgomery Creek on reports of a major burglary involving numerous guns, tools and vehicles. As deputies were on their way they learned that a stolen ATV had been found in the area on the side of Highway 299. Apparently the victim’s boyfriend and another man confronted two men as they were trying to load the ATV into their Toyota pickup. There was an argument about who owned the ATV until the boyfriend said he was going to get the law involved, at which point the other men fled. They were chased for about five miles until the passenger jumped from the moving truck in the Round Mountain area. Deputies could not find either man, but at 3:15PM in the afternoon a Round Mountain resident reported fresh tire tracks on his property that led up a hill into the woods. Deputies checked it out and found the Toyota pickup occupied by 61-year-old Michael Vandolah. Deputies say he had some of the things stolen in the morning burglary as well as Methamphetamine and Heroin. Vandolah is on parole and was booked into jail for the 26th time. The sheriff’s office is hoping someone can tip them off to the identity of Vandolah’s accomplice. He’s a white man in his 30’s about 5-foot-11 and 186 pounds with a bald head and tattoos on his back and arms.


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