Man Arrested After Daughter Tells Him To Surrender

A wanted man who refused to surrender to police was quickly convinced when his daughter showed up and shamed him. Saturday afternoon Redding Police were called for a disturbance between a man and a woman inside a motorhome on Old Alturas Road. The RV was gone when officers got there but they found it parked down the road near Oak Mesa. There was nobody in or around it but officers somehow learned that the man was 43-year-old Louie Alex Ortiz. He’s on Post Release Supervision and had a felony warrant. Sunday the RV was parked along Victor Avenue near Alta Saga. As an officer pulled up behind the vehicle, he saw Louie Ortiz jump inside and close the door behind him. More officers arrived and surrounded the RV, then spent about 45 minutes trying to get Ortiz to come outside. Somehow his 23-year-old daughter found out what was happening and she arrived angry and yelling at Ortiz about his behavior while telling him to give up. Within a couple of minutes, Ortiz came out of the RV, apologized to his daughter and was taken into custody.


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