Probationer Caught After Pursuit Near Cottonwood

A Shasta County probationer was captured after a chase overnight. At around 15 minutes to Midnight a deputy on patrol in Cottonwood saw a Toyota Tacoma pickup eastbound on 4th Street and tried to stop it for a violation. The pickup driver took off at high speed through Cottonwood and into Tehama County, fleeing on Bowman Road at around 85 miles an hour with deputies in pursuit. After leaving the roadway the pickup crashed through a gate and through a dry creekbed, leaving the patrol vehicles behind. Deputies searched the area on foot with help from a CHP helicopter and found the truck about 400 yards from the road. It was then learned that the truck was stolen from Concord. Fritz the K9 was used to track the driver. 33-year-old Brett Anthony Crosslin was found in brush along the edge of the creek bed and taken into custody after reportedly trying to harm the dog. He had 5 active warrants.


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