Park Service To Burn 100 Acres Of Lassen Forest

A prescribed burn is planned for Lassen Volcanic National Park within the next couple of weeks. When conditions are right, crews plan to torch a 100 acre area near Manzanita Lake. The burn is expected to last 2 or 3 days, with residual activity for a couple of weeks after that. Park Service officials say about 60% of the burn area has been treated in recent years to reduce stand density and ladder fuels. Lassen Park has for many years been using prescribed fire to manage growth in a way that mimic a natural landscape that existed prior to modern forest management practices. The practice has worked well in almost every case, but in 2012 one of those fires got away and became the “Reading Fire”, which burned 28,000 acres, including about 15% of the park area and part of the National Forest.


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