Man Arrested After Scuffle On RABA Bus

A Redding man has been arrested for allegedly brandishing a knife and punching an older man while riding on a city bus. A little after One O’clock Friday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies were sent to a RABA bus parked on Cascade Boulevard at Autumn Harvest Drive. When they arrived they were told that the suspect had fled on foot. 43-year-old Salvador Edward Juarez of Shasta Lake City was detained in a nearby parking lot. Another bus passenger, 43-year-old Kevin Forseth, told the deputies that Juarez had been acting strangely and appeared to be on drugs. Believing that Juarez was going to assault some passengers at the rear of the bus, Forseth decided to take preemptive action and confronted Juarez. As the two struggled, Juarez reportedly brandished a knife. Another passenger, 71-year-old John Zollinger, tried to get between the two men to break up the fight, and Juarez reportedly punched him in the face. Zollinger was treated for minor injuries by medical personnel at the scene. Juarez was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and other charges.


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