Man Shot With Black Powder Pistol In Shasta Lake City

A man was shot after confronting an associate in Shasta Lake City and making demands. 34-year-old James Richard Owens Jr. was dropped off at Shasta Regional Medical Center at 12:30PM Thursday, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. Redding Police learned that Owens had been involved in a disturbance at 13142 Lake Boulevard in the sheriff’s department jurisdiction, so major crimes detectives took over. They found that Owens had apparently been helping 67-year-old Elliot Stennes with a marijuana grow at Stennes’s Lake Boulevard home, but Owens ended up feeling slighted for some reason and had allegedly been making threats recently to harm Stennes, who was in the process of getting a restraining order against Owens. Thursday Owens apparently recruited the help of two friends, Roy Orosco and Michael Spruth, to go and retrieve some property from Stennes. When they arrived at Stennes’s driveway, Owens reportedly cut a chain to open the gates and they drove up to the house. Owens went to the door and a confrontation broke out until Owens allegedly doused Stennes with pepper spray. Stennes responded by pulling out a small caliber black powder pistol and firing it at Owens multiple times. The three visitors then left to take Owens to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. No arrests have been made as detectives continue to sort out the details of the case.


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