Proposed Cannabis Retailer To Ask Council For Approval

A cannabis cultivation business will take their case to the city council on Tuesday after being denied approval by the planning commission to operate in a former retail building on South Market Street. The now-vacant previous home of Northern Rehab Equipment and Respiratory Supply at 3048 South Market Street is surrounded on three sides by the Good News Rescue Mission. Jeremy Aleck assured the city that once his cannabis operation is fully fenced and secured, there will be no issue with the neighbors, and anyone who didn’t know already would never guess what was going on inside. City staff agreed with that assessment in their report, and recommended approval. No public access is allowed for a cannabis cultivation permitted facility. Even employees of the business must be vetted by the city. A sophisticated ventilation system would be required to eliminate most of the cannabis odor, and other controls would be required to minimize impact on the surrounding neighborhood. When the planning commission was asked to consider the project in August, a number of people spoke on behalf of the mission, saying many of the residents are recovering from substance abuse, and there would be a psychological impact in knowing that cannabis was being grown just a hundred feet away. The commission agreed, and the permit recommendation was denied by a vote of 5 to 2. At Tuesday’s meeting, the city council will hold a public hearing on the appeal, and they may choose to override the commission and approve the permit.


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