2 Arrested After Shots Fired In Anderson

A verbal argument in the front yard of an Anderson home was punctuated by a shotgun blast, according to police. Just after 7PM Monday night, APD Officers were called to a Pinon Avenue home by neighbors reporting gunfire. Officers have been to the home on a number of occasions. They found 7 people in the front yard and started asking questions. Apparently an argument had taken place until 25-year-old Donald Taylor-Killstrom went inside and came back out with a shotgun, which he fired into the air. A number of people left before police arrived. The house was searched, and officers reported finding multiple guns, ammunition and drug paraphernalia. They also reported that trash was strewn all over inside and they saw building code violations, including illegal wiring and non-permitted construction. A refrigerator in the garage was full of rotten food covered in black mold. The alleged gunman’s father, 51-year-old Donald Killstrom, was arrested along with his son. The home was declared uninhabitable and red-tagged by code enforcement.


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