Rescue Group Plans To Sue Over Wild Horse Roundup

Activists opposing the wild horse roundup in Modoc County say the Forest Service is using deceptive phrasing to avoid admitting that some of the horses will be sold for meat. A Forest Service contractor capturing up to one thousand wild Mustangs on the Devil’s Garden Plateau of Modoc County. Last week 192 horses were captured, and more were added to the corrals Monday. Members of the public are invited to observe by calling 233-8738 for reservations. The Forest Service says they’re trying to find good homes for the animals, many of which show signs of malnutrition for lack of grazing opportunities among the estimated 4,000 horses on the plateau. It’ll take about 30 days to gather a thousand of them, and there will be a 60 day period after that for adopting out 300 of the horses, with the other 700 going to the BLM. Unadopted horses will be offered for what’s called “limited” sale for as little as one dollar each. The Forest Service says buyers are prohibited from selling the horses for human consumption, but a group called “Front Range Equine Rescue” says that after the limited sale, the remaining horses will be sold without limitation, meaning they’ll end up being slaughtered for meat. The Forest Service denies this, but the group promises to sue.


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