Elderly Woman Dies After Being Attacked By Dog

A Siskiyou County woman died after being attacked by a relative’s dog in early September. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office has just released information on the death. On September 6th, 74-year-old Teena Carol Mawhorter was at her home between Mount Shasta City and Weed visiting with her daughter. She reached down to pet the dog and was apparently attacked. She fell to the floor and the dog continued to bite her. She was later pronounced dead. A post mortem exam showed her death to be a result of severe facial and head trauma, with a heart condition as a contributing factor. The death was ruled accidental. Deputies seized the dog, describing it as a mixed breed with docile temper. The dog was later put down. The sheriff’s office says it’s still investigating to determine if the dog had a history of aggressive behavior.


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