Wild Horse Roundup Continues In Modoc County

Another 28 Wild Mustangs were gathered Wednesday from Devil’s Garden Plateau in Modoc County, bringing the total to 323 since the roundup began last week. The Forest Service plans on getting a Thousand of the wild and free horses into corrals. Observers say the animals are of remarkable quality and good disposition, though some show signs of malnutrition. Officials estimate the range can only sustain around 400 horses at a healthy level, but an estimated 4000 horses are living there. A limited number of people can observe the operation by calling 233-8738 for reservations. It’ll take about 30 days to gather a Thousand horses, and there will be a 60 day period after that for open adoption of 300 of the horses, with the other 700 going to the BLM. Un-adopted horses will be offered for limited sale, meaning they must be maintained in a healthy environment. What happens after that 60 days is what has horse lovers upset. The non-limited sale of remaining horses, some of which will be more than 10-years-old, will be for as little as One Dollar each, prompting fears that they’ll be sold to foreign buyers to be slaughtered for human consumption. The Forest Service says the land can’t take much more trampling and good homes are needed for the hundreds of wild horses. They challenge critics of the roundup to work toward that goal.


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