Bicyclist Suffers Major Injuries In North Redding

A bicyclist suffered severe injuries when he was dragged under a car in North Redding Thursday night. Just after 7:30PM a Toyota Rav4 driven by 80-year-old Edward Plaza had just turned right off Lake Boulevard onto Hilltop Drive in front of Bartel’s Giant Burger when the small SUV was struck on it’s side by 49-year-old Curtis Shottenkirk on his bicycle. The bike became lodged under the Toyota and Shottenkirk was dragged up the hill for a short distance before Plaza realized what had happened. Some Redding Firefighters were very close by and heard the crash, so they were on scene immediately to help Shottenkirk and get him out from under the SUV. He was not wearing a helmet, and was transported to Mercy Medical Center with major injuries.


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