12-Million Dollars Approved For I-5 Widening Project

A major freeway project that’s been delayed is looking more promising since the approval of some additional money. In May Cal-Trans said construction would begin last month to widen Interstate Five between Redding and Anderson. Eventually the freeway will be six lanes continuously from Deschutes Road to Bonnyview. The project will also include a new median barrier and guard railing, as well as a new Anderson Creek Bridge and South Anderson Railroad Overcrossing. The total price tag on the project is $120-Million Dollars, with funding from state, federal, Shasta County and City of Anderson sources. Last month Cal-Trans said that issues involving funding, contracting and construction would further delay the project and it’s expected to begin in the Spring of next year. An allocation of nearly $12-Million was announced on Friday, with most of that money coming from the gas tax that’s up for possible repeal on the upcoming ballot.


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