Cottonwood Teen Arrested After Series Of Arson Fires

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Detectives have arrested a man, charging him with arson in several early morning fires in the Anderson area. Four fires were set, starting at 3 AM: a vegetation fire at the west end of Pleasant Hills Road, an outbuilding on South Street and 2 occupied residences on Nathan Drive and Driftstone Drive. A heavy patrol presence, due to the recent Cottonwood fires led to the sighting of a 2000 red Nissan Sentra. A stop was made and the driver, 19-year-old Samuel Villa Scholfield of Cottonwood was questioned and then booked into jail, charged with arson for the Anderson fires. Athorities are examining the massive amount of evidenced gathered from the Cottonwood fires investigation to determine if Schofield is connected with them. He lives in the area where those fires occurred. His bail is currently $800,000.


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