Denney Says LaMalfa Campaign Mailer Is Full Of Lies

Many area residents received a campaign mailer in the last couple of days from the Doug LaMalfa Congressional Campaign that barely mentions the incumbent. The mailer is all about Democratic Challenger Audrey Denney, whose campaign says it’s full of lies and may be illegal. The primary topic of the mailer asserts that Denney is a supporter of California’s gas tax, which is being challenged with a repeal initiative on the November ballot. Of course, Denney is running for a federal office that would have no influence over a state gas tax. One of the images is lifted from Denney’s Campaign materials and altered. It shows Denney signing a pledge to support Nancy Pelosi and higher taxes, but the original image was a pledge not to accept corporate PAC money. It’s unlikely that there will be any legal ramifications as there is a much higher standard to prove libel in the political realm. Other LaMalfa campaigns have used mischaracterizations in the past. In a State Assembly race in 2004, a LaMalfa Campaign ad showed his opponent’s photo next to a photo of Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Before LaMalfa won the Republican primary in his First Congressional Race, his campaign manager created a fake website that slandered fellow Republican Sam Aanestad and falsely attributed the website to Michael Daquisto, who was also running.


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