Judge Tentatively Rules Against High-Speed Rail Opponents

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A judge has tentatively rejected arguments by the opponents of California’s high-speed rail project that the state is improperly spending voter-approved bond money. Judge Richard Sueyoshi in Sacramento County Superior Court issued his tentative ruling Thursday. The parties will appear in court Friday. The plaintiffs include Central Valley farmer John Tos and Quentin Kopp, the former head of the rail authority. Kopp supported the 2008 initiative authorizing about $10 billion in bonds for the project. The lawsuit centers on a 2016 law passed by the California Legislature that allows some bond money to be spent on projects such as electrifying existing rail lines. The plaintiffs argue the bond money should only be spent on projects immediately ready for high-speed rail. It’s the second time a judge has rejected the argument.


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