Update: Teen Arsonist May Have Posted Footage Online

The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office has charged a Cottonwood man with 54 counts related to a series of arsons. Eighteen-year-old Samuel Scholfield, was arrested last Friday morning in Anderson during an investigation of 4 fires there. On Monday an additional complaint included fires in Cottonwood. The complaint alleges first degree murder, attempted murder and numerous charges for arson, including crimes that were committed during the state of emergency declared due to the Carr Fire. Scholfield is being charged with setting multiple fires between July 27th and October 26th. These fires burned homes and structures as well as vegetation. The murder charge comes from a house fire on October 7th when a Cottonwood woman, Barcie Arlene Miller, was killed. When law enforcement conducted a traffic stop Friday, He reportedly had two incendiary devices in his front seat. A cell phone search revealed that he had been searching the Internet for arson and arson investigation related material. The case was investigated by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, the Cottonwood Fire Protection District, Anderson Fire, Cal-Fire, and the Shasta Arson Task Force. Meantime Scholfield may have posted video of one of the fires on social media. The account which is listed under his name shows a video labeled “FireCottonwood Ca”. It is unclear if he was the person behind the camera but on July 31st Scholfield posted a note saying he is sorry for everyone who lost a family member and was going to sign up as a volunteer firefighter.


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