Redding City Identity Project Revived

An effort that began in June to establish more of an identity for Redding has been revived. The project was interrupted by the Carr Fire, and paled in importance. The devastating fire also is the sort of thing that has identified Redding to the rest of the country. Occasionally Redding makes national news with odd crimes or extreme heat, so it’s really a town in search of positive associations in the minds of outsiders and positive influences for its citizens. The Chamber of Commerce and some other organizations launched an effort called the Redding City Identity Project, a 2 year plan to define just what makes Redding a place where people want to be. The McConnell foundation pitched in $150,000 for the project to match funding already pledged by a number of local businesses. The fund has already built up to nearly a Half Million Dollars. A survey has been created in order to establish a list of 20 action items to pursue by 2020. Project Manager April LaFrance says diversity of input from the community is essential to the project’s relevance. The 5-to-10 minute survey can be found at


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