Lawsuit Filed Against Owners Of Downtown Motel

The owners of a problem Redding motel are facing a lawsuit. The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against the owners of the Market Street Manor, calling it a hub of crime and violence and a public nuisance. Desmond and Chandler Gumbs bought the motel in April of 2017. Since that time, law enforcement personnel say they’ve seen a dramatic increase in calls. Over an 8 month period, they were involved in 124 incidents. Reported illegal activities include people under the influence, prostitution-type activity, drug sales and violent crimes. In addition, conditions in the rooms is described as deplorable, with certain rooms having an infestation of rats, mice and bedbugs. Besides civil penalties and an order to improve conditions, the suit seeks an order to require the owners to stay on the property until significant improvements are made.


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