Arson Suspect Enters Not Guilty Plea

When Samuel Scholfield was stopped near a burning house in Anderson in the early morning of October 26th, he had two incendiary devices sitting on the front seat next to him, according to a 54-count indictment filed by the D.A.’s Office last week. It also says a cell phone search shows he had been searching the Internet for arson related material. The 18-year-old Cottonwood man is accused of setting numerous fires since July 27th to vegetation and structures, including the home of 86-year-old Barcie Miller. For that fire, Scholfield is charged with first degree murder. His home is central to the original cluster of arson fires. There have been no suspicious fires in the Cottonwood area since Scholfield’s arrest. A plea of not guilty was entered for him at his arraignment last week.


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