Sheriff’s Office Issues Statement After Video Of Altercation At House Party

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office responded with a statement within hours after videos became viral in local social media showing deputies using force against people at a party over the weekend. The incident took place Saturday at around Midnight on Collin Court in Cottonwood. Undersheriff Eric Magrini says deputies were there after reports of a loud party with more than a hundred people. He says arriving deputies saw evidence of drinking and drugs, and a number of apparently underaged people were present. Some of the partygoers went into the house, and the deputies followed, looking for the resident. They ordered everyone to sit on the floor and found 27-year-old Tad Pfrimmer, the son of the homeowner. He appeared to be asleep and did not respond to their orders. Magrini acknowledges that the deputies used their fists against Pfrimmer, but some witnesses on social media say Pfrimmer was beaten with a flashlight or baton as the party guests making cell phone videos were subdued by pepper spray and ordered to remain seated on the floor. The official story also contends that another man, 26-year-old Alex Gattica, got to his feet against orders and took an aggressive stance, challenging the deputies to fight and encouraging others to attack them before also being beaten down by the deputies. The several videos posted to social media by partygoers are mostly very brief and shaky and it’s difficult to hear the words being spoken, but some of the details seem to contradict the official account. Magrini says the investigation will continue and he requests that additional videos be shared with the sheriff’s office. He adds “This office will not tolerate any failures to meet the high standards that we’ve set forward.”


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