Man Convicted On Numerous Charges Related To Bomb Scare

A man from Redding who left bomb-making material behind when he moved away has been convicted in Kern County. On August 23rd of last year, Redding Police were contacted by Tehachapi Police and the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, who requested help with an investigation of 49-year-old Jeffrey Dean Enslow. He was a former resident of a Victor Avenue home. A search warrant was served and in the garage a large quantity of powder material was found in a bucket that was labeled “danger explosive”. Other items were also found that can be used in bomb making. About 350 surrounding homes and businesses were ordered to evacuate and Victor Avenue was closed from Dana Drive to Old Alturas. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad was called, and their robot eventually retrieved a sample of the material for testing. It turned out to be a non-explosive precursor chemical used for bomb making but was not dangerous. More evidence was found at a home on Rolling View Drive in North Redding. On Tuesday, a Kern County jury convicted Enslow of 18 counts, including attempted bombing, cyber stalking, cell phone hacking, identity theft and more. He faces a possible 25 years in state prison.


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