Man Sentenced To Prison For Looting In Wake Of Carr Fire

A convicted looter has been formally sentenced to prison. After evacuating from their home in the midst of the Carr Fire, Zach and Megan Bonnin, had their most irreplaceable items packed into a travel trailer. The things were not of great value, mostly sentimental items, family photographs and important documents. The trailer was stolen, adding more grief to their already terrible ordeal. When the trailer was later recovered, it had been emptied of its contents. An investigation by the sheriff’s office and the D.A.’s Office led to the arrest of David Fuentes, who revealed the location of the missing items. They were recovered by the D.A.’s Office and returned to the grateful couple. Fuentes pleaded guilty last month to first degree burglary, vehicle theft and looting. Wednesday he was given a five year prison sentence.


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