Nearly 70% Turnout For Local Races

Challengers have apparently prevailed in some local political races. Builders Exchange President Joe Chimenti has so far taken 55% of the vote against Shasta County District One Supervisor David Kehoe. Francie Sullivan appears to have lost her Redding City Council seat. Five candidates vying for 3 seats were led by Dutch Bros franchise owner Erin Resner, followed by Attorney Michael Dacquisto and incumbent Kristen Schreder. A tax on cannabis for the City of Redding has overwhelmingly passed, with 74% in favor.

Shasta County Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen says around 30,000 ballots have yet to be tallied, but there’s no way of knowing in which districts or precincts they were cast. Shasta County’s voter turnout was around 70%, which Darling-Allen says is outstanding for a midterm election. The total count should be complete by Friday.


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