Corning Company May Face Charges After Hazardous Fire

Four months after a dangerous fire in Corning, the company who owns the destroyed facility is under investigation for illegally possessing and storing hazardous materials and refusing to clean up the mess. That’s according to the Corning Observer. The fire at Specialized Fibers, a recycling materials company, burned for two days and closed South Avenue for more than a week. The Tehama County Department of Environmental Health is concerned that the massive pile of hazardous materials that remains will be a threat to nearby waterways, but the company is seemingly unconcerned about cleanup. When officials inspected the property after the fire, they apparently found evidence of a lot of hazardous materials not covered by the company’s use permit, including storage tanks with petroleum and solvents. Some materials remain unidentified and are still being tested. What’s not solvent, according to officials, is the company itself. The I.R.S. has a lien on the property and it looks like the county and the state will have to spend the Millions of Dollars to clean up the mess before rainy season begins. The Corning Observer says the Tehama County D.A.’s Office may file criminal charges against the company’s owners.


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