Man Wanted For DUI Arrested After Chase

Running from police seemed like a worthy gamble for a man leaving Win-River Casino just before bar time Sunday morning, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy on Highway 273 saw a Toyota Supra pull out of the casino and head north on the highway, and the driver seemed to have trouble keeping it in the lane. When the car stopped at a stoplight, it revved up and reportedly accelerated away at the green light, as if racing with the car next to it. When the Toyota reached 70 miles an hour in the 50 zone, the deputy tried to pull it over. He reportedly chased it east on South Bonnyview at 70 miles an hour, and then south on Interstate Five at over 100. At Riverside Drive in Anderson, an APD Officer laid out a spike strip that popped both front tires, but the driver continued on deflated tires all the way into Cottonwood before stopping on Main Street just south of the Cottonwood Creek Bridge. The driver took off on foot, jumped fences and ran across the freeway. The passenger, Kenny Redd of Memphis, stayed put and cooperated. During a search of the area, 30-year-old Scott Brummett was found behind a barn and arrested without incident. He was reportedly drunk, had a warrant for DUI, and is on probation for DUI.


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