Adoption Event Planned For Wild Horses Rounded Up In Modoc County

Nearly a thousand wild horses that have been rounded up in Modoc County are now desperately in need of good homes. The capture of the Mustangs in recent weeks by the Forest Service prompted lawsuits by animal welfare advocates concerned that the animals may be sold for meat. Falling a little short of their goal of one thousand, a total of 932 horses were captured by mounted wranglers assisted by low flying helicopters to frighten them into corrals at the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory. A number of them were put down due to what officials say were pre-existing conditions, and a few have been killed as a result of injuries sustained during captivity. Officials estimate the plateau and the other wildlife can only sustain around 400 horses at a healthy level, but an estimated 4000 horses have been living there. Around 650 of the herd will be sent to the Litchfield Corrals to be adopted out by the BLM. More than 250 horses are being held at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals for an adoption event this Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 3PM. Adopters will have first choice and horses more than 10 years old will be sold to wholesalers. Mares have all been vaccinated and will be ready for immediate adoption, while Studs are still going through the process and will be available soon. After this week the horses can be viewed and purchased by appointment for the next 60 days. Horses left over after that will apparently be sold without limits for as little as One Dollar each. A federal lawsuit by animal welfare groups is pending.


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