Report: Trump To Visit Wildfire Victims In California

According to the White House, President Trump will travel to California on Saturday to meet with victims of the wildfires currently burning in the state. The state is currently fighting two large fires, the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and the more devastating Camp Fire in Butte County. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long visited California on Wednesday, where they met with victims, first responders and with California Governor Jerry Brown. At a press conference with Brown, Zinke said “Preventing and combating wildfires is “not a republican or democrat issue, this is an American issue, and we should address it as such.”. Zinke’s comments came just days after Trump had publicly blamed California’s Democratic state leadership for the fires and threatened to cut off federal aid to the state. It was unclear precisely which area of the state Trump planned to visit. However, a search of flight restrictions show that he will probably visit the Camp Fire area.


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