Over 600 Remain Missing As Death Toll From Camp Fire Grows

More grim news out of Butte County as the death toll from the Camp Fire has risen to 63, and the count of destroyed homes has surpassed 10,000. The fire started last Thursday morning just east of Paradise and ripped through populated areas more quickly than anyone imagined it would, trapping many people in their homes and cars. 3 more bodies were found Thursday in Magalia, 3 in Paradise and one in Concow. The fire covers 142,000 acres and is 45% contained. 9,700 single family homes have been lost, along with 144 multiple family residences and 336 businesses. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea says the fatalities are sure to rise, with more than 630 people still missing. Honea says many may be safe, but he’s making the list public so people can let officials know they’re safe. 52,000 people have evacuated their homes as a result of the Camp Fire.


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