APD: Man Steals Purse From Elderly Woman

A purse snatcher didn’t get far, according to Anderson Police. At 12:45PM Monday afternoon, the APD was told of a purse theft inside the Wal-Mart. An officer happened to be nearby and apparently spotted the thief fleeing and trying to slip into a nearby business to hide. 43-year-old Jeshua Douglas Paulk was arrested. He had allegedly stolen the purse from a 74-year-old woman, removed the wallet and cell phone, and disposed of the purse inside a Wal-Mart restroom before leaving the store. Police say he still had the wallet with all the cash and credit cards inside and had ditched the cell phone in a trash can, but he told officers where that was and it was recovered as well. In addition to theft, Paulk will also be charged with felony elder abuse.


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