Code Enforcement Actively Enforcing Marijuana Ordinance

The City of Redding’s Code Enforcement Division has been issuing citations and following up on complaints regarding marijuana grows. The city has been responding to numerous complaints regarding offensive odors associated with growing cannabis. Some residents have complained that the odors have prevented them from opening their doors and windows or enjoying their patios and yards. Others have voiced concerns about protecting their children and families. The city passed an ordinance regarding the growing of marijuana earlier this year, and code enforcement has been actively enforcing the rules laid out. Two large commercial operations were shut down and the owners were cited. In April code enforcement shut down a 463 plant grow at a single family home on Spaniel Court. Benjamin Segan was issued an administrative citation and the property owner was advised he was responsible for achieving compliance. Earlier this month an unlicensed dispensary was found to be operating at the 2600 block of Henderson Road. The operator Epic Summit, a California Corporation, was issued a citation and ordered to cease operation. The city has issued 34 citations ranging from $1,000 to $46,000 for a total of $446,450. Violations of the cannabis ordinance carry a fine up to $1,000 per violation/plant. Code enforcement is urging growers to review the ordinance which can be viewed on the cities website.


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