Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Stabbing

An Oklahoma man was arrested after allegedly slashing a man’s throat in Siskiyiou County early Friday morning. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Mayten Store in the Big Springs Area just before 2AM after the CHP reported a disturbance involving a knife. Cal-Fire and medical crews reported that they found a man at the store who was suffering from a laceration across his throat. During the investigation deputies were able to get a description of a possible suspect and they went to the St. George Area near Feldman in the Mt. Shasta Subdivision. Just before 3AM, deputies located a man matching the description and arrested 32-year-old Johnny Chasengnou from Tulsa, Oklahoma for attempted murder. Deputies were able to recover a knife that may have been used in the stabbing. Chasengnou was booked into the Siskiyou County Jail. The victim is being treated at Fairchild Medical Center but, may be transferred to a medical facility in Sacramento.


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