Sacramento Residents Arrested After Home Invasion

Residents in an area at the northeast edge of Redding were told to remain inside for a while Sunday night while Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies searched for some armed home invasion robbery suspects. Just before 6 O’clock Anthony Palazzo called 911 from Old Oregon Trail near Old Alturas Road to say his neighbors, Rufus Larry and Shauntelle Kelley, had been held at gunpoint and left with their hands zip-tied together by four people who stole guns and other property from their home. The timing was apparently just right as Palazzo found the pair of victims, freed them from their bonds, and then used his vehicle to block the driveway and prevent the suspects from escaping. One of them shot at Palazzo and missed, so he drove away while still on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. The suspects’ vehicle got stuck in the mud, forcing the robbers to flee on foot. A search began with help from Redding and Anderson Police and the CHP. A nearby resident of Old Alturas Road called 9-1-1 to report seeing two men matching the description. 35-year-old Hamed Daneshmand-Pourlashgari and 42-year-old Lee Zebediah Stockinger Jr, both from Sacramento, were captured and identified by the victims. A short time later a CHP helicopter crew spotted the two other suspects. 51-year-old Marc Love and 35-year-old Candy Salazar, also from Sacramento, were allegedly still in possession of a gun and other stolen goods. All four are in Shasta County Jail.


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