Groups File Suit To Prevent Sale Of Wild Horses For Meat

A coalition of horse advocates are hoping to prevent the sale of Wild Mustangs for meat. About 900 wild horses that were rounded up in Modoc County have been available since Mid-November for sales with limitations. That means they cannot be sold for slaughter. Front Range Equine Rescue and others have a federal lawsuit pending to prevent sales of the horses without limitations, which for now is set to begin on January 15th. The groups say that means they’ll likely be sold to interests that will export them to be slaughtered for human consumption. The horses were gathered into corrals at the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory. A number of them were put down due to what officials say were pre-existing conditions, including Pigeon Fever, and a few have been killed as a result of injuries sustained during captivity. Officials estimate the plateau and the other wildlife can only sustain around 400 horses at a healthy level, but an estimated 4000 horses had been living there. Anyone interested in adoption can view the horses by appointment by contacting the Forest Service in Modoc County.


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