Large Scale Cannabis Operation Approved In Trinity County

A large cannabis farm has been approved for Hayfork, according to the Trinity Journal. The paper says the project got final approval last week from the Trinity County Planning Commission. The wholesale nursery and distribution facility is being developed at the former home of Boom Boom Productions, a fireworks business that had done the Fourth of July displays in Redding and Anderson in years past. The cannabis production facility has acquired the largest available license, allowing up to an acre of total cultivation area, the first of its kind approved in Trinity County. The full facility will cover about 8 acres of a 73 acre parcel and will include a series of above-ground wooden planter beds in outdoor, full sun conditions and a series of 10 by 100 foot hoop houses. The growing will be surrounded by a high earthen berm that had been built by Boom Boom to shield blasts from their explosives testing. A distribution facility will be located in an existing 34,000 square foot barn that will house refrigerated shipping containers. Opponents were assured that the use of pesticides and herbicides will be highly restricted. With one member absent, the planning commission unanimously approved the project.


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