Motorcyclist Who Led Officers On High Speed Chase Sentenced

A Red Bluff man has been sentenced after being chased by police and getting away, then getting caught because he crashed. On the evening of September 30th a Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted a motorcycle that had evaded Red Bluff Police on Walnut Street a few minutes earlier. He tried to stop the motorcycle on Luther Road but the rider took off to the east. With the officer trailing him with lights and siren blazing, the rider took South Main Street to Interstate Five and sped away at about 140 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic. The pursuit was called off, but a few minutes later there were reports that the same motorcyclist had lost control and crashed into the dirt shoulder while exiting the freeway at Corning Road. 35-year-old Vincent Smith was found on the other side of I-5 and he admitted to being the man they were after.He been given a 2 year suspended prison sentence, 5 years probation and 210 days in jail.


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