Update: Man Killed By Police After Chase, Passenger Questioned

A man is dead after being shot by police following a high speed chase Thursday morning that led to a closure of Interstate 5. At around 5:30AM a Redding Police Officer became suspicious when he saw a dark green Honda Civic on Southbound Interstate 5 near Knighton Road abruptly stop to allow a blonde woman to jump from the car and head toward Riverland Drive. Upon getting a closer look at the car, the officer found it was stolen and a pursuit began, reaching speeds of around 115 miles an hour until it reached Cottonwood. That’s where the suspect took the Gas Point Road exit and got back onto the freeway northbound. After crossing a spike strip at Riverside Avenue in Anderson, the Honda stopped after a couple of miles just south of Knighton Road near where the chase began. The driver apparently fired shots at his pursuers and was hit by return fire, though that was not at first known. Officers thought he had fled on foot through a thicket of blackberries, and a perimeter was set up east of the freeway to try and contain him, but he was already dead, according to Shasta County Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant Brian Jackson. Officers watching the car thought they saw someone inside but couldn’t see through the window because it had been shot and was shattered but still intact. Bean bag rounds were used to break it the rest of the way out, leading to the discovery of the man. The woman who had gotten out of the car before the chase was located and questioned, but has not been arrested for anything. Officials say they know the driver’s identity, but the name has not been released.


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