Debris From Carr Fire Nearly Cleared From Properties

Debris removal from the Carr Fire is almost complete. The date set for debris removal by CAL OES was originally the first week of December. As of Friday, all 228 properties within the City of Redding, have had all Carr Fire debris completely removed. County-wide, 600 properties, 197 within the city limits, have received final approval. The remaining properties are awaiting erosion control to clear the final hurdle.Of the 36 City of Redding property owners who chose to opt-out of program, 29 have been certified as complete with 8 still completing debris removal, soil testing, or erosion control. To date, contractors have removed 525,000 tons of material with 430,000 going to local landfills, mostly West Central Landfill. The building department has received 32 plans that have been submitted for rebuild, twelve plans have been approved and five building permits have officially been pulled.


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