Officers Successfully Negotiate Surrender Of Suicidal Man

Redding Police had some tense moments during a traffic stop Friday. Just after 11am an officer on a motorcycle pulled over 61-year-old Rick Larue in a large Dodge pickup truck for traffic violations. He stopped on Wall Street between Larkspur and Churn Creek and the officer was on alert right away because Larue was apparently reaching around in various places inside the truck and acting unbalanced. Other officers were called to the scene and the rear tires were flattened to prevent him from driving off. Redding Police Sergeant Brian Cole says he was upset, claimed to have gun and was telling officers to shoot him. After about 5 minutes of negotiations, Larue was pulled out of the truck and arrested. He was going to be taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries suffered when he was taken into custody. He then was to be booked into jail for being uncooperative.


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