CHP: Man Killed By Drunk Driver In Cottonwood

A Whitmore man was killed in cottonwood as a result of the bad judgement of a drunk driver, according to the CHP. Just before 3 O’clock Sunday morning, 22-year-old Jacob Dahlem of Fresno was southbound on Interstate Five and took the long sweeping Cottonwood Main Street exit. He was going too fast in his 2012 Mazda van and came up behind a slower-moving 1986 Toyota pickup, striking it on the left rear and causing the Toyota driver to lose control. The pickup struck a guardrail and the fence alongside the freeway, coming to rest facing the opposite direction. As the truck spun around, the driver, a 59-year-old man from Whitmore, was ejected and died at the scene of his injuries. Officers determined that Dahlem was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested for felony DUI.


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